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Relative Harms: Marijuana vs. The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thumbnail3-1000-ffccccccTransparent-3333-0.20.3-1.pngOne of the most significant issues of the day is the legalization of marijuana. Many states, including Maryland, have legalized medical marijuana, but the complexity of the law means that you can still be arrested, jailed, and fined for possession, even if you have a medical necessity. The question that takes center stage in the debate over marijuana is whether legalizing it opens the door to more people using a potentially dangerous substance. However, studies have shown time and time again that marijuana is less addictive and safer than harder drugs as well as legal substances many people use daily, such as nicotine and alcohol. Learn more about how marijuana compares to other drugs in this infographic from The Law Office of Michael S. Rothman. Contact us when you need a lawyer in Rockville for drug offenses, cybercrime, DUI, or other criminal charges, and please share this information with your family and friends. 

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