In Maryland, licenses can be revoked for a few different reasons. Two common reasons are the assessment of 12 or more points after multiple traffic violations or because you were convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. After a certain period of time, you are permitted to apply for reinstatement, and the following information can help you prepare for this process. 

How long before I can apply for license reinstatement? 

This typically depends on how many previous revocations you have on your record. For first revocations, you must wait at least six months before you can apply. With two or three previous revocations on your record, this waiting period is extended to twelve months and eighteen months, respectively. For four or more revocations, you must wait at least twenty-four months (two years) before your application will be accepted. 

How much does it cost to have a license reinstated? 

This depends on the reason why it was suspended in the first place. For DUIs, a driver must pay the $48 renewal fee, as well as $200 for the mandatory 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Program. Drivers whose licenses were suspended due to traffic violations will also need to pay the renewal feel, in addition to $300 for a Point System Conference and possibly $300 for a Driver Improvement Program. 

What should I expect from the process? 

You will need to provide your name, address, birth date, and driver’s license number to the Driver Wellness and Safety Division. From there, your current driving record will be reviewed. If your driving record is suitable, you will receive an application form, which must be completed and returned to the office along with your application fee. One last review of your record will be conducted, after which an approval or denial letter will be sent to you. Take this letter to your local DMV when you apply for license renewal.